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This range of corrugated board trays are perfect for any Catering requirement when trays of food, e.g. Sandwiches, pastries or any small snack needs to be transported. Trays can be stacked on each other by means of corner reinforcement and the top tray when inverted will serve as a lid. These trays are available in 3 popular sizes. Please inquire.
9100006 - Catering Tray
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Catering Food Tray: Large Black

SKU 9100008
  • Item Size : 490 mm x 370 mm x 40 mm
  • Pack Size : Carton (50 Tray)
In stock with BCS Foodpak

Catering Food Tray: Medium Black

SKU 9100006
  • Item Size : 390 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm
  • Pack Size : Carton (50 Tray)
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