Ice Cream Spoons and Dispensers

The Wonder of a Wooden Ice Cream Spoon

If you’ve got a delicious cup of ice cream, you’re going to need something to eat it with. That’s why, in addition to supplying New Zealand’s best ice cream cones, the team here at BCS Foodpak also offer you a fantastic range of ice cream spoons.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what’s ideal for your customers. A wooden ice cream spoon might just be the perfect choice. With more consumers being conscious about the products they consume, these ecologically friendly options are sure to help your customers enjoy their favourite hot-weather treats, guilt-free.

Why wooden ice cream spoons?

With many sellers now looking for compostable, eco-friendly options, our wooding tasting spoons are an excellent choice for making a big impact with minimal waste. Your customers are sure to appreciate the care you take in choosing our wooden ice cream spoons. Their small size also makes them a fantastic fit for individual dessert portions, such as at events, or for offering tasting servings.

At BCS Foodpak, we’re used to going above and beyond in providing only the finest quality products to meet New Zealand’s food supply needs. That’s why we make sure we offer you only the finest quality wooden ice cream spoons, to keep your customers coming back. That’s why we’re New Zealand’s leading ice cream cone and ice cream spoon suppliers.

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An old favourite - plastic fantastic

But don’t worry. If you’re looking for a familiar option, we do supply plastic shovel spoons, too. With four varieties with different sizes and handle lengths, we’ve got ice cream spoons to suit all your needs. These multi-coloured, fluorescent spoons are a great choice for events on the beach, for children, or just some nostalgic, colourful fun.

We stock the following assortments of plastic shovel spoons:

  • Coloured Shovel Spoons
  • Short Coloured Shovel Spoons
  • Long Handle Spoons
  • Long Handle Soda Spoons

Whether you’re looking for the perfect utensil for an ice cream float, a delicious hot fudge sundae, or a rich, indulgent milkshake, you’ll find the fit with one of our plastic shovel ice cream spoons.

Hold my cone

At BCS Foodpak, we’re committed to meeting all of your ice cream packaging needs. That’s why, in addition to our spoons, we also supply cone holders, dispensers, and banana boats.

We offer three sizes of ice cream cone holders and two sizes of upside-down ice cream cone dispensers:

  • Single Cone Holder
  • 3 Cone Holder
  • 6 Cone Holder
  • 4 Cone Display Cone Dispenser
  • 8 Cone Display Cone Dispenser

Our ice cream cone holders are ideal for any bench or counter-top. With our holders, your ice creams will be ready and waiting for your customers to reach out and take them. They’re great for displaying sample cone sizes, too.

Our upside-down cone dispensers are perfect for displaying ice cream cones while keeping them fresh and crunchy crisp. With their lift-up lid and fold front, they take up minimal space on your freezer or counter-top, displaying their products in full glory. Both our dispensers are also fly proof and are guaranteed to satisfy Health Inspectors.

Get on board with our banana boats

Our clear PET banana boats are perfect for serving up a traditional banana boat sundae. Why not use your imagination and explore all new sundae creations? Available in two sizes, 8oz and 12 oz, our banana boats will give you the freedom to experiment with flavours, sizes, toppings, and presentations - the options are endless. With BCS Foodpak, you’re sure to have all your ice cream presentation needs met. You can even affix the two sizes to the other, offering a lidded Banana Boat. The options are endless.

Want to find out more about our products? Call us at 09 277 0104 or email [email protected]. We look forward to finding out how we can help you with your food packaging needs!