Ice-Cream Cones from Altimate

Fresh, crispy Waffle Cones and Wafer Cones for Ice-cream Parlours, Dairies and Cinemas.

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Food Containers, Takeaway Boxes and Cups for the table, pickup or takeaway delivery.

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Biodegradable & Compostable Takeaway Packaging Options for the Safe Delivery of Food and Beverages.

For the last 22 years we have partnered with restaurants, fast-food providers and food stalls to help them deliver a customer experience second to none. We supply a great range of standard food containers, drink cups and takeaway packaging. Custom-branded options are also a speciality. And we’re the New Zealand distributor for Altimate Ice-cream Cones. Our compostable product ranges are made from plant-based fibres, such as wood, sugar cane, bamboo or corn starch, and produced to strict industry recyclable standards.

What our customers say about us…

Made from nature, to return to nature

Crafted from nature materials, like bamboo, many of our takeaway food packaging options are great for our foodservice clients absolutely please customers and are even better for the environment.