Plastic Portion Cups

Plastic Cups and Food Containers

Are you looking for safe, spill-proof containers for your dining and takeaway applications? We offer a range of cups and food containers made from highly recyclable PET plastic. Our plastic portion cups are perfect for dressings, sauces, and chutneys. If you’re looking for great options for catering, samples, and events, why not check out our range of shot and shooter glasses? We also offer microwavable food containers, perfect for keeping takeaways safe

Our range of Plastic Cups & Food Containers

We offer a comprehensive selection of plastic cups and food containers to meet all of your packaging needs.
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Microwavable Small Round Containers

Available in three sizes, our microwavable small round containers are a perfect option for a range of needs. They’re excellent for small servings of takeaway foods, salads, or sauces. They’re also great portable options for trips, excursions, conferences, and other catering needs.

Portion Cups

Our comprehensive range of portion cups come in sizes from 20 to 110ml, all with matching lids. They are available in either PLA, a leading compostable material, or eco-friendly, highly recyclable PET. With our portion cups, you choose exactly how much food you want per serving. That's why they're a fantastic option for customers with specialised nutritional needs, children, and large events where making every last drop count is vital. Our portion cups are available in the following sizes, in regular, tasting, and biodegradable variants:
  • 20ml
  • 30ml
  • 30ml (Tasting Cups)
  • 60ml (Tasting Cups)
  • 110ml
  • 45ml (Biodegradable)
  • 60ml (Biodegradable)

Shot and Shooter Glasses

Our slender shot glasses and shooter glasses are perfect for serving beautifully portioned desserts or appetisers, hors d’oeuvres, or miniature drink servings during cocktail receptions and other catered events. Their small sizes make them the perfect for serving samples in. Their transparent exteriors mean that with these cups, presentation is the star of the show.

Plastic Sampler Cups

Our plastic sampler cups are made of the recyclable plastic PET. This makes them the perfect eco-friendly option for your customers. At 60ml, they’re the ideal size for samples, including food and wine, and their transparent finish will mean that your product shines through.

Flared Shot Glasses

Our flared shot glasses are a great choice if you’re looking for presentation to wow, such as at special events. At 40ml, they’re the perfect size for single servings of appetiser or dessert options. Their unique flared shape makes them great for treats that don’t quite fit in standard shot glasses. They’re also a fantastic option for samples.

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