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Altimate Foods produce the largest range of ice cream cones in Australia and New Zealand. From a basic wafer cone, to the super large waffle cones. To top off the range, a variety of dessert wafers add extra taste to the indulgence. If you want to know more about our ice cream cones check out our Altimate's Catalogue. You may be interested in our Flavorama Ice Cream Machine, our Milkshake Machines & our Smoothie BlendersPlease note that there is a minimum purchase order of 4 cartons for shipping purposes. Customers may choose these 4 cartons from any kind of ice cream cone on our website. Any orders less than 4 cartons will not be processed and customers will be refunded their full amount. 

Size Double (82 mm x 128 mm)

Packaging Carton (200 cones)

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Single Wafer Cones


Size: 56 x 128mm
Packaging: Carton (400 cones)

Now: $NZ 38.94


Kidz Wafer Cones


Size: 48 mm x 118 mm
Packaging: Carton (300 cones)

Now: $NZ 28.06