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These Ice Cream Holders are ideal on any bench or counter top. Choose from a Single Cone, 3 Cone or the very popular 6 Cone Holders. The Upside Down Cone Dispensers are the perfect way to display cones while keeping the cones fresh and crunchy crisp. With the lift up lid and fold front the footprint is minimised on your freezer or counter top. Both of the Dispensers are fly proof and satisfy the Health Inspectors.
7500127 - Special
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Single Cone Holder

  • SKU : 7500127
  • Item Size : Single Cone Holder

3 Cone Holder

  • SKU : 7500126

6 Cone Holder

  • SKU : 7500128

Display Cone Dispenser: 4 cones

  • SKU : 7500134

Display Cone Dispenser: 8 cones

  • SKU : 7500130
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