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BetaKraft's Lunch Boxes


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The BetaKraft™ Takeaway Lunch Boxes are available in four sizes. These lunch boxes are ideal for hot, cold, wet or dry meals. They have strong and durable design, both microwave and refrigerator safe. An ideal alternative to plastic containers, these boxes are 100% recyclable to help reduce environmental waste. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

Size Extra Small (120 x 88 x 37mm)

Packaging Carton (200 boxes)

Options available

BetaKraft Lunch Boxes: Small


SMALL (150 x 100 x 45mm) Carton (200 boxes)

BetaKraft Lunch Boxes: Medium


MEDIUM (180 x 120 x 50mm) Carton (200 boxes)

BetaKraft Lunch Boxes: Large


LARGE (195 x 140 x 65mm) Carton (200 boxes)